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Canada’s Most in Demand Jobs For 2021/2022

Each year, the number of individuals immigrating to Canada increases. But this year, the “new normal” brings more opportunities for people who want to work in Canada. The face of many businesses has shifted to work-at-home, more use of online tools to communicate and submit work, plus tighter health protocols. This development had not slowed down the future jobs in demand to boost the Canadian workforce. The forward path of business in Canada has staffing and recruitment agencies keeping an eye on skills and talent that can be brought into the country.

What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada?

There are many rewarding careers available in Canada and your can make your path to working in Canada faster if you work in the category of high demand jobs in the country. Below is a list of the most in-demand jobs that need to be sourced out for the rest of 2021 and 2022. If you are qualified for any of the work categories listed, the help of a trusted staffing/placement agency is important since the National Occupational Classification (NOC) will incorporate changes in the immigration system in 2022.

Here’s a quick look at the best jobs in Canada for 2022.

Category: Programmers and Developers – Computer/ Software/Interactive Media under NOC code 2174

  • Software Development

Estimated Gross Salary Range: between CAD$42,000 – CAD$112,000 / per annum

a male and female software developer in Toronto

To qualify for work in the field of software development, you need to have earned a university or college degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a Software Development course itself.

The most in-demand jobs for programmers and developers include IT project managers, OS Programmers, developers for apps, and java developers among others. You will find a good number of opportunities in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario.

Jobs in software development are in demand across Canada especially if you are experienced in the field. The growth in this sector is unprecedented since many businesses are shifting to increase automation and heighten their online presence. Highly qualified candidates may secure a Canadian Permit Residency for their software development qualifications with or without a job offer. A trusted immigration expert/placement agency can direct you on how to accomplish this.

Category: Direct Nursing Care under NOC 3012

  • Registered Nurses (RN) / Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$46,000 – CAD$93,000/ per annum

To work in Canada, having a degree in Nursing is not the only requirement needed. You must pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) to be registered with the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR) or the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). This qualifies as regulatory board registration. If you intend to practice nursing in specialty areas like surgery or occupational therapy, additional training, certification, and experience will be required. The most in-demand position for nursing is for Licensed Practical Nurses and registered nurses.

Aside from the acute shortage of registered nurses that already exist, the pandemic has doubled the need for these important medical staff to alleviate the long hours and risk of burnout of the existing workforce. A full Permanent Residency is an open option for highly qualified nurses under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program. They can avail of it on both a Provincial and Federal Nomination basis.

Category: Electronics Engineer and Electrical Engineers under NOC code 2133

  • Electrical Engineer

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$51,000 – CAD$130,000 / per annum

You will need an Electrical or Electronic Engineering Bachelor’s Degree if you want to work in this field. Then licensing requirements under Canadian law will be according to the province or territory that you applied to. To know the specific training or examinations, check the Association of Professional Engineers in that locality.

Many hot job opportunities for electrical and electronic engineers are being offered across Canada by tech companies. Titles range from Electronics or Electrical Engineer, Junior Electrical Systems Engineer, and Electrical/Electronic Engineer.

Electrical and electronics engineers are part of the top 10 Express Entry admissions by intended occupation in Canada. Annual positions that need to be filled are projected to exceed 13,300 which arise from company expansions and replacement demand. With the expansion of the Canadian economy, more establishments are popping up meriting the increased need for hiring in the profession.

Category: Personal Investment and Finance under NOC code 1114, 0111

  • Financial Advisor/Planner

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$39,000 – CAD$107,000 / per annum

Individuals interested to join the Canadian workforce as Financial Planners or Financial Advisors must have degrees in Commerce, Business Administration, Economics or related fields. You must undergo any trainings or seminars and pass any exams to be certified as “Financial Planner” FPSCC (Financial Planner Standards Council of Canada). For those who will be involved in the sale of regulated financial products, instruments, and investments; there are appropriate licensure steps that need to be followed.

In-Demand Jobs for financial advisors or financial planners in Canada are being offered by many planning companies that may be financial institutions themselves or planning and sales agencies. You can apply to be a wealth or investment advisor, pension advisor, retirement planner, or practice as a licensed independent financial advisor.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the recognition among Canadians on how important securing the future is. Because of this and the nature of the job which involves a person-to-person relationship, the demand will increase for financial planners and advisors in 2022.

Category: Financial Accountants and Auditors Under NOC 1111

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$40,000 – $131,000/ per annum

a female accountant

To be a Chartered Accountant in Canada, you have to have a diploma in accounting or related fields. You will need to attend a professional training program conducted by the Accredited Provincial Institute of Chartered Accountants. Depending on which area or territory your assignment is you may need to complete 2 years or 30 months of one the job training. Membership is also required in a provincial Institute of Chartered Accountants upon successful completion of the Uniform Evaluation (UFE). Applicants must also be proficient in either English or French.

Certified Public Accountants are much in demand even while the pandemic is ongoing and jobs available will continue to grow in number by 2022 as more businesses resume physical operations. A good kick-start would be to brush up on learning that will go towards the necessary training for acquiring accreditation. Great qualifications will land a proficient accountant a good position in a reputable company that could go towards the required 2-year or 30-month OJT for ICA membership.

Category: Accounting and Related Clerks under NOC 1431

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$30,000 – $61,000/ annum

Accounting clerks in Canada must have at least a certificate of completion for secondary school and must take courses or diplomas certified by the Canadian Bookkeepers Association, Canadian Securities Institute, or Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.

There are many job openings for accounting and related clerks across Canada. Once you are duly certified you will find job opportunities in many provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Saskatchewan where more business expansions are expected over the coming year. Many of those who aspire to work as certified accountants also start as accounting clerks then work towards their licensing requirements to be an accountant or auditor.

Category: Retail and Wholesale Buyers under NOC 6222

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$29,000 – CAD$67,000/ per annum

If you have a diploma in business, marketing or related programs plus previous work experience in buying and purchasing for establishments, you are qualified to apply for positions as a retail or wholesale buyer.

There is a high demand for wholesale and retail buyers in the different sectors and industries across Canada. These include buyers for clothing, produce, retail merchandising, wholesale supplies, and food.

The retail market in Canada is on the upswing and resumption into the “New Normal” will make commercial activity faster hence the increased demand for professionals to source out goods.

Category: Administrative Assistant under NOC 1241

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$29,000 – CAD$63,000/annum

To qualify for work as an Administrative Assistant in Canada, you need to have a college or university degree plus attend a related 1- or 2-year program for administrative assistants in Canada. If you have related previous clerical experience, you will have an edge over other applicants.

There is a high demand for administrative assistants of offices and businesses as well as private secretaries for various professions except for legal or medical secretaries since those have separate job requirements.

Category: Retail Salespersons under NOC 6421

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$23,000 – $45,000/ per annum

If you hold at least a secondary school diploma, you can apply for a job in retail sales in Canada. However, if you have a university or college degree plus a previous track record in sales, you could be hired faster. It also helps if you have sales adeptness and product knowledge from your previous employer and apply to a company offering similar products in Canada.

Sales related jobs abound in Canada because of the expanding economy. There is a broad range of positions available and it might get competitive. Applicants have an edge if they have prior success in sales and have strong communication skills in at least one of Canada’s official languages.

Category: Human Resources Managers under NOC 0112

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$50,000 – $138,000/ per annum

For jobs in Human Resource Management, your Canadian employer will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in a field that tackles personnel management such as CIPD or similar courses. You must also complete the CHRP Knowledge Exam and the CHRP Employment Law Exam as well as the Job Ready Program.

Shifting to remote work has made Canadian employers rethink how they handle their staff. Engaging the employee has become a focus to reduce turnover. Many companies are also hiring more staff now and need to beef up their HR pool with 43% of Canadian employers anticipating to add new jobs for 2022 according to Randstad’s latest career insights.

Category: Transport Truck Drivers under NOC code 7511

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$29,000– $65,000/ per annum

To work as a Transport Truck Driver in Canada, you will need to have completed an accredited driving course and be certified with a class 1 or class 3 license. An air brake endorsement may also be required. If needed for the job, truck drivers may also need to secure certification for transportation of dangerous goods.

There is a huge demand for truck drivers across the different industries in Canada from long-haul, flat-bed, tow truck, moving van, and even logging drivers.

The online ordering trend that began at the onset of the pandemic has increased the demand for transport personnel, which truck drivers are a significant part of. The trend shows no signs of waning as the country gears up for new normal. This, coupled with a rise in general economic movement nationwide will spur more job openings for Truck Drivers in 2022.

Category: Other Labourers in Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities under NOC 9619

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$25,000 – $44,000/ per annum

To apply as a labourer in Canada, some secondary school education will suffice. Experience in the work you are applying to can be to your advantage. Most in-demand jobs for labourers include packers, factory workers and helpers, agriculture workers, and skilled crafts-persons.

The growth in the construction and infrastructure industry in Canada will mean more jobs for labourers in many provinces and territories. Back-to-business means the resumption of projects that have been postponed the past years because of the pandemic. Businesses go into full swing and this surge of developments will create a high demand for labourers across industries throughout Canada as more firms avail of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to address skilled labour needs.

Category: Welders and Related Machine Operators under NOC 7237

Estimated Gross Salary Range: CAD$35,000 – CAD$78,000/ per annum

Check out some of the most in-demand jobs for Welders and Related Machine Operators in Canada for 2022:

a welder in Edmonton

Journeyman/Woman Welder, Brazing Machine Setter, Aviation Welding Technician, Brazing Machine Operator, Soldering Machine Operator, Spot Welder. Welder-Fitter

If you want to work as a welder in Canada, you must have completed secondary school and a three-year apprenticeship program, industry courses, trade certification (compulsory in Alberta) plus take a Red Seal endorsement.

Certified welders go hand-in-hand with the rising need for qualified staff in construction sites. Building resumption post-Covid will mean that the existing pool of welders will be spread thin thus meriting the rise of demand for welders in Canada. After completing the training and certifications needed, finding work as a welder in Canada won’t be hard considering that there is a huge deficit of welders projected until 2024.

Close runners-up are jobs in the education sector. There is also a surge in demand for teaching positions whether as in-campus lecturers or online instructors for both child and adult education. While there are many online options for these services, the clamour for Canada-based educational services has increased over the past two years to supplement and support kids and adults on their quest for academic certificates.

Take the Opportunity and Work in Canada

These are the top categories of jobs most in-demand in Canada for the rest of the year and in 2022. If you don’t find your field of work on the list, just try to search for your desired job in Canada in the many online listings. Many people contact a licensed and registered agent to facilitate your placement before you send in your details or any payment. You can avoid any fraudulent transactions and scams plying on the internet. Legitimate agencies will also know any changes in the procedures that go towards your work permit or immigration and assist in which route you need to take.

There are many job openings all over Canada that you can explore. To understand the impact of COVID-19 on jobs in particular provinces or territories, you can gain insights into the Canadian labour market so you can be directed towards your line of work.