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Everyone needs a service notary they can rely on. More importantly, an experience professional who can handle all their notary needs. Sinani Law is that and much more.

Our notary public Calgary service has become one of the most relevant in the city and in the entire province of Alberta.

The competent and responsible professionals that make up our firm can deal with any legal need you have, no matter the task.

What is Notarization?

From the certification of a declaration to a notarization signed by businessmen, we have what it takes to help you fast and without problems.

Notarization is a process by which a notary in Calgary certifies a document, to guarantee its legitimacy.
In other words, it is a legal binding between agreements and contracts, which provides reliable proof to witnesses.
Legal jargon aside, notarization is nothing more than the validation of a document by a professional.
At Sinani Law, we offer quality notary services Calgary that give you protection against fraud so you can have peace of mind.

When You Might Need Notarization?

Whether you want to buy property, draft a letter of consent for a minor, or simply legalize a legal document copy , our staff of notary publics can help you .

Facilitating Trust

Having all your transactions and contracts notarized by a licensed notary public service here in Calgary is the best way to ensure that all parties comply. Nothing like being free of worries!


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What is a Commissioner for Oaths and How to Become One in Alberta?

A commissioner of oaths Calgary is a person with the power to administer oaths and solemn declarations.

In the Province of Alberta, oath commissioners are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General.

Under the Notaries and Commissioners Act, an examination must be taken to be appointed as a commissioner of oaths.

If you are wondering how to become a commissioner of oaths Alberta, pay attention to the steps you need to follow:

exclamation mark symbolizing information

Official guide by Alberta's Goverment

Check out the free guide provided by the Government of Alberta on its website. Remember that you will still need the advice of a lawyer during the process.

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Prepare for the exam.

The most important thing for you to do to pass the exam is to understand how the whole process works and your responsibilities as a commissioner. Study the guide carefully and memorize the language expressed in oaths and statutory declarations.

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ID ready

At the time of taking the commissioner for oaths Calgary exam, you will need to provide 2 pieces of identification to your lawyer and the oath request form. One of the IDs must be government-issued and have a photo, such as a driver's license.

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Getting the stamp

If you pass the exam successfully, the application form must be sent to the Government. Then, you will need to get a commissioner's oath stamp that you will use every time you sign as a commissioner.

At Sinani Law, we conduct oath commissioner tests in Calgary. Also, our team of notaries, lawyers and consultants offer you all the advice and assistance you need to become a commissioner of oaths. Contact us, get ready to become a commissioner of oaths in just a couple of days.

Difference Between A Notary Public and A Commissioner for Oaths

Even in this day and age, it is common for people to confuse the role of a notary public and a commissioner of oaths.

The main difference between the two is that a notary public Calgary is authorized to do more things than a commissioner of oaths.

For example, a commissioner of oaths cannot certify or notarize any documents, as this is the responsibility of the notary.

Another characteristic difference is that notaries have a seal and a stamp that they use when signing a paper, while commissioners of oaths only have a stamp that is used in conjunction with their signature.

Besides, commissioners of oaths appointed by the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General only have jurisdiction in the Province of Alberta.

That said, if you need to send an affidavit or other legalized document outside of Alberta, you will need certification by a notary.
It is also important to know that in the Province of Alberta all lawyers and law students are notaries, but not all notaries can provide legal advice.
Whatever your requirement, at Sinani Law we have experienced notaries and commissioners ready to assist you.

What our Notary & Commissioner of Oath Services Encompass

business accepting a notarized statement

Oath Administration.

We develop the role of oath commissioner for you to swear statutory or declarations of documents, agreements and contracts in our office. We can also take care of the drafting of the documents if needed.

Affidavit under Oath.

We serve as an authority to witness your affidavit. If necessary, we can also assist you in drafting this affidavit.

Witness Signature.

The presence of a witness at the signing of a legal document is vital to guarantee its validity. We advise and assist you during this process so that everything runs smoothly.

Certifying a true copy of a document.

Notarizing copies of documents is not a game. At Sinani Law, we take care of issuing certified copies that will reflect the authenticity of the original paper.

Affordable & Mobile Notary & Commissioner of Oaths in Calgary

We know how hard it is to find a mobile notary and commissioner of oaths service in Calgary. Because of that, we not only deliver a service that works but also the best you’ll find. Here’s what we offer:

Certified and based in Calgary:

All of our notary public Calgary services are within the law. We have the necessary certifications and permits to work optimally and protect you from scams.

Friendly and personalized service:

At Sinani Law, we understand how tiring and stressful the notarization process can be. Our customer service will not only keep you informed, but will provide you with the understanding and efficient treatment you deserve.

Speed and accessibility:

Thanks to the experience of our staff, at Sinani Law we can handle your request faster than you think. Besides, we offer our practical solutions at affordable prices.

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In short, we are your most timely ally when it comes to legalizing any document that needs notarization.

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